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So how exactly do you create a music-type bio on yourself without using the marketing-speak that kills everything about yourself that is real? I’m not really sure!

Photo courtesy of Brett Charles.

About me now

I spend most of my days playing guitar, belting out a song or writing something. I write songs while I am driving or while you are driving; or when I’m on an aeroplane but rarely when I’m in the face of human suffering. That usually comes later.

I don’t really write songs, they write themselves: I just write them down.

When I am not playing music, I am thinking about playing music or thinking about how to play better music. When I am not practicing so I can play better music, I’m overseas delivering aid or writing about it.

It’s nice to finally be who I always was.

What i play now

Vintage blues pieces that have great melodies, reworking the lyrics so I can throw myself into the song.

“I’m gonna roam this old highway, I might sit … but I will never stay”

Original edgy songs.

” … do you look closely using more than just your eyes? Are you staring at a girl, or at a California smile?”

Acoustic interpretations of crowd-loving classics

” … and none of them along the line, know what any of this is really worth … all along the watchtower, princes”

Acoustic guitar instrumentals

Mississippi Fred McDowell with a hint of Caruli

Kooki covers

“They came flying from far away, now I’m under their spell. I love hearing the stories that they tell”

About me then

When I was a little kid my dad paraded my voice around church. I’d get so nervous I felt sick. But I did love singing loudly into the congregation of voices and harmonies and I still revere the emotion of gospel.

Luckily for me dad insisted on me getting classically trained in piano, voice and musicianship. I even remember a bit of it.

At school I was one of those nerdy kids who was hopeless at sport and hung out in the music room experimenting with the double bass and playing 2nd clarinet.

Suddenly 20 years flashes by to the realisation that music has become a distant memory. Now to claim it back.

I was reading today that the opposite of courage is not cowardliness, it is actually conformity.

I don’t know that any of this is courageous but I sure hope it is not obedient.


8 thoughts on “mel irvine

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    • Hi Renan, sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet with you when I was in the Philippines. Hopefully I will get to meet you when I return later in the year. All the best with your fundraising.

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